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Trichology Coaching Call


Warning signs that you need to see a Trichologist

  • Excessive hair loss

  • Hair breakage

  • A patch of hair loss

  • Excessive facial hair for women

  • Loss of eyebrows or eye lashes

  • Hair thinning

  • Patches of scale                   

  1. You will be asked a series of questions about your health, lifestyle, family history, and hairstyling practices. Questions are also asked depending on your overall complaint. 
  2. It is ideal to be available to video chat to get a more in-depth consultation with the trichologist. Sometimes the naked eye can be used to diagnose the problem. Other times, a digital microscope is used to examine the hair and scalp in more detail. Trichologist will ask questions about inflammation, patterns of hair loss, redness, dryness, oiliness, density of hair, color of the scalp, destroyed follicles, or brittle hair in order to come up with a conclusion. Trichologist can perform what is called a hair pull test. A hair pull test may be asked of the trichologist , you would do this by gently pulling at your hair to determine if there is an excessive amount of hair loss. Losing one to three hairs during the hair pull test is normal. 
  3. The trichologist will give you an analysis, recommend possible treatments, or refer you to another specialist or doctor.

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