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Hair and Scalp Analysis

Clinical Consultation w/Microscopic Hair Analysis

This service is to review the completed intake forms (by the client/with the client) either in-office or via private webinar session with the Trichologist.


If done in-office, this consultation includes an in-office 3D Microscopic Hair Analysis to determine necessary ridding the scalp of debris, product build-up and dead skin.


It would require a 4-6 week follow-up consultation.


Computer scanned photos of the scalp will be recorded for visual comparison results.


Holistic practitioner of Trichology

Bauman Certified Hair Coach

Licensed Hair Stylist

licensed Mental health Therapist


Founded in London in 1902, clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp. The word "Trichology" originates from the ancient Greek word "Trikos" meaning hair.

Mrs. Ganzy is providing a holistic approach to the way hair and scalp maladies are addressed. With many hours of research and numerous case studies , trichologists are on a mission to educate and treat persons who are affected by such maladies. Shenna has over 13 yrs in the Hair Care Industry.

Hair loss is a global problem. Hair-loss affects approximately 35 million men and 21 million women in the USA (a total of 56 million persons).

All person suffering from alopecia (medical term for hair loss), dry, itchy, oily and scaly scalp, hair breakage, hair thinning, poor scalp circulation and other scalp conditions, needs to know that there exist a field of specialist who are presently consulting, educating and treating such disorders.


Hair and Scalp Analysis

To begin, Shenna will first act as your therapist, listening to your concerns about your hair loss and fears of progressive hair loss. As your Trichologist she will assess your health history and answer your questions related to your hair loss. You can discuss your particular expectations with Shenna who will determine the best course of action to address your unique situation.


As your Stylist, she will gather precise measurements of the dimensions of your head, scalp, and hairline where hair loss is visible. 


The Trichology session provides exceptional materials, textiles, and lace to hand-craft our foundations and bases. Personal measurements can be kept on file for future orders at your instruction. During this appointment, you will also learn how to correctly fit your wig on your head, how to properly care for your wig at home, and how to create the hairstyles you want from your wig.