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  • What is RAW Hair?
    Raw virgin hair is hair that has not been previously processed, manipulated, or steamed to create a certain texture (such as body wave or kinky curly). This hair is the best hair on the market because it remains in its natural state directly from the donor. The cuticles have not been stripped and flows in the same direction, to prevent the hair from tangling. Raw virgin hair doesn’t come in a uniform pattern and may vary in color for each individual bundle. Split ends and frizziness is very common with raw hair. Think about it, if your hair extensions are being cut directly from a donor, the donor may have experienced what we all experience when it comes to our hair such as split ends, frizziness, dryness, and etc. That’s why we recommend washing and deep conditioning your hair bundles on arrival or before use. We can say this. If this is your first time installing Raw virgin hair. We promise you’ll never look back!
  • RAW vs Virgin Human Hair?
    Many people haven’t heard of Raw virgin hair or doesn’t have any knowledge of how human hair extensions are made. So we’re going to try our best to break it all down here. – Raw virgin hair extensions is hair that has not been previously treated, processed, or steamed to create a particular texture. The hair is in its raw natural form straight from the donor. Textures and colors of each bundle may vary and this is due to each bundle being cut from different donors. Thairapy Raw Indian hair is imported directly from India, our Cambodian hair is imported directly from Cambodia, and of course our Vietnamese hair is imported directly from Vietnam. – 100% human virgin hair is unprocessed hair that has went through a series of stages to create a certain hair texture. The hair is washed then steamed to create the body wave, loose wave, deep wave, kinky curly hair textures. 100% virgin human hair comes in different hair brands such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian.
  • How long does RAW hair last?
    RAW hair can last for years with proper care! Maintaining your hair extensions will improve the longevity. Frequent washes and moisturizing will keep your hair soft, bouncy, and full of life. Also make sure that you’re not cutting the wefts on your virgin hair extensions. This will prevent the hair from shedding!
  • How long does processing and shipping takes?
    Once payment is received processing will take approximately 5-7 days. This is to ensure that we select the best hair extensions for you that matches in color, length, and texture. Shipping will then take 2-3 days (excluding Sundays). Tracking numbers are sent to all customer through email once their order has shipped.
  • What Payment method is accepted?
    All of our payments are processed through PayPal. However, you do not need an account with PayPal to checkout. You will have the option to pay with your credit/debit card.
  • What is the Hair Detox Tea?
    Thairapy detox tea helps in detoxifying your body to help remove inflammation. By reducing the amount of inflammation DHT will not impact your hair follicles. Thairapy tea will help breakdown and eliminate waste products in the blood, increase sebaceous detoxification, decrease DHT inside the hair follicle, and coat your digestive tract allowing for proper elimination. The Hair Growth Detox Tea is 100% natural, caffiene and cruelty free.
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